Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Nook 5/5/18

I had a pretty productive day.
I made more headway on the spackling/sanding of the new deck rail.
And, I got half of my backyard weeded (we're talking weeds as tall as my shed ... it's about a 20x20-foot yard area.) It really needs to be done, since Monday, all of the spaces (I'm in a mobile home park ...) will be getting new water meters ... oh, joy ...
I'm finally catching up with all the great free books on offer the past few days! Enjoy!


Cozy Mystery:

Death By Rum Balls (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles)

This will be Brandy’s first Christmas without Dante, but she is determined to enjoy the holiday going to parties and even a “Yappy Hour” with Jiff and both of their schnauzers. Brandy stops to deliver mistletoe for Julia’s party that night when Frank, Julia’s handyman, drags her into the mayhem surrounding the guest list. It seems everyone Julia invited has a grudge against her, and they all confirmed they are coming to her party. 

It seems Julia’s neighbors, her cooking club, the business association, members of her Pilates class, her brother—even some of the ladies from her church group—all have a reason to dislike Julia…a lot! When gifts with stranger contents start to show up the day of the party, Frank sees it as an omen of things to come. Is someone only trying to embarrass Julia or will that someone take it a step further to even a score? 

There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime and the holidays are no exception!


Cappuccino (A Zion Sawyer Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Zion Sawyer had a good job, working customer service for an insurance company in San Francisco. She had friends, a loving family, and a bright future. Until she received a call from a lawyer in Sequoia, California, informing her she is the sole heir to her biological mother’s estate.

Zion never met Vivian Bradley, but her death sends Zion on a path of discovery that changes her future forever. And she discovers that you can never escape your past, even a past you didn’t want to know.


Witching Ain't Easy: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 1)

It's supposed to be Bed and Breakfast, not Dead and Breakfast.

When Artemis Mani, owner of the bed and breakfast in Moonlight Cove goes out to get the paper one morning, the last thing she expects to find is a dead teenager in her yard.

And to make matters worse, it turns out Arti's own mother had a fight with the victim just a few hours before he was killed. Worried that her mom is going to get herself arrested, Arti decides she needs to find the real killer, before it's too late.

But between the new tall, gorgeous police chief trying to keep Arti away from the investigation, trying to maintain the Bed and Breakfast's reputation after a body was found on the lawn, and some mysteriously disappearing household items, Arti quickly finds she has her work cut out for her.

Will she be able to find the real killer before her mom is arrested instead?

Witching Ain't Easy is the first full-length novel in the Moonlight Cove series of paranormal cozy mysteries.


PI On A Hot Tin Roof : A New Orleans Cozy Mystery; Talba Wallis 4 (The Talba Wallis PI Series)


So thinks PI Talba Wallis, on her way to Parish Prison—and indeed something’s badly amiss.

New Orleans’ most dynamic detective duo, poet/computer genius Talba and street-savvy Luddite Eddie Valentino, have a personal interest in this one—Eddie’s lawyer daughter Angie’s been set up for a drug bust.

Prominent Judge Buddy Champagne’s the obvious perp and Talba’s so mad she embeds herself in his house as a spy—but she doesn't count on ending up with a family straight out of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; nor did she realize how involved she was going to get—especially with Buddy’s 14-year-old daughter Lucy. 

It works, though, She uncovers plenty of evidence the judge is dirty. And then things get ugly: Somebody kills Buddy and Talba’s true identity comes to light. The Champagnes hate her at this point, but guess what? They hire her to solve the case.

There are plenty of mysterious twists and turns on the way to an ending guaranteed to surprise—but the real joy here is in the relationships, especially Talba’s with Lucy, who, it turns out, is a budding poet. And with another little girl, her boy friend’s bratty daughter Raisa. She’s SO not prepared for quasi-motherhood!

The FOURTH mystery in Edgar-winning author Julie Smith’s Talba Wallis series.



Let Us Prey: Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery Book 1

In the first book of Jamie Lee Scott’s USA Today bestselling series...

private detective Mimi Capurro takes on a bodyguard client only to end up investigating a murder.

If you like your mysteries with a bit of humor and snark, this murder mystery series is perfect reading.

The Players

Mimi Capurro: Owner, Gotcha Detective Agency
Charles Parks: Computer forensics, Gotcha Detective Agency (also Mimi’s best friend)
Nick Christianson: Homicide detective: Salinas Police Department (Mimi’s old college fling)

The Case

When Mimi is hired to protect a New York Times bestselling author on her book tour, she never expects she’ll be embroiled in a murder investigation. But that’s exactly where she finds herself when the author’s assistant is murdered.
Making matters worse, Mimi comes face to face with an old college fling, who happens to be the homicide detective on the case.
Mimi, along with her snarky co-worker, Charles, worked to find the killer alongside the homicide detective, whether he likes it or not.
Follow the quirky and fun characters of Gotcha Detective Agency on this wild ride.

Books in the Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery series in the series:

Let Us Prey
Textual Relations
Death of a Sales Rep
What a Meth
Bad Vice
Electile Dysfunction
Who Gives a Split
Mary Had a Little Scam
Trespassers Will Be Prostituted
The Knife Before Christmas
A Lie in Every Truth

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead (A Toad Witch Mystery Book 1)

A little magic can go a long way -- to totally screwing up a girl's life!

Mara is having the worst month of her life. At least, that's what her tarot cards tell her and they've never been wrong. Before she knows it, she's evicted from her apartment, fired from her job and banned from Beverly Hills.

So, when the cards start predicting her imminent demise, she uses a little magic to make her world right.

Suddenly, an aunt she's never met dies, leaving Mara as her sole heir. But when Mara moves into her inherited home, she discovers Aunt Tillie never moved out. She's still one pissed-off old lady--even post-mortem--and she blames Mara's magical meddling for her untimely death.

When Mara accidentally releases a demon and awakens the spirit of the most powerful witch in history, Tillie's ready to kill her. Literally. It's the only way she can think of to save the girl from herself.

The witch and the demon, however, have other plans for Mara.

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead is a quirky urban fantasy that mixes humor, suspense and witchcraft.

Caution: This story is not suitable for children.



MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life: A Story of Love

Discover the sixth sense communication that occurs between humans and their dogs...

The connection between Maggie and Dawn was powerful.
Maggie's genuine and beautiful essence opened Dawn's heart and she became more real. Through their relationship Dawn learned that dogs are intelligent and emotional beings that can sense human thoughts. From housebreaking to adolescent escapades and on through old age, Maggie's radiant spirit became interwoven with the fabric of Dawn's life. The depth of their bond opens a surprising door to intuition and dream communication about Maggie's fate. Through their journey, Dawn experiences the joys of sharing life with a dog that so touched people as well as the profound grief that comes with the loss of her beloved Maggie.



Declutter: The Japanese Art of Minimalism: 30-Day Minimalist Challenge to declutter your life and experience the new more 

We work to the point of extreme exhaustion. Everyone is just too rushed, hurried, and stressed. We alleviate our stress by using coping mechanisms that could potentially harm us – shopping for more stuff, binge eating, and engaging in time-wasting activities such as playing video games or even gossiping. We fill our lives with needless activities, relationships, and clutter. This makes us lose sense of who we really are and what’s important to us. This is the reason why the Japanese people have developed a lifestyle that strips away the inessential things in their lives. It’s called minimalism.
In this book, you’ll find proven strategies and step by step guide on how to practice minimalism.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How minimalism can help you clear your mind, get rid of physical clutter, increase your happiness, and improve your life
  • Exciting and easy to follow morning routine exercises that energize your mind, body, and spirit
  • How to recalibrate your focus
  • How to end toxic relationship and forgive those who have wronged you
  • How to organize and transform your personal space into a clean and neat place
  • Tips that can help you save money and also make money out of the minimalist lifestyle
  • The minimalist therapy
  • Meditation techniques that help clear your mind and relieve stress
  • Much, much more!

How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending

How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending provides you with the know-how you need to manage your home well and inexpensively. It provides proven strategies for finding greater savings in every room of your home. With sensible and cost-effective solutions, this book will assist you in:

•Saving money
•Caring for your home for less
•Running an affordable home
•Organizing your home
•Decorating on a dime
•Preparing inexpensive meals
•Trimming utility costs
•Freeing up resources
•And much more!

In short, this book will make you a pro at keeping your home comfortable for less.


The Joy of less: Volume 3 - Purging: A step by step Guide to a Clutter Free Environment

A minimalist cheat sheet for simple organized living.

How to get off the stress, complexity and overwhelm merry-go-round and simplify your life. (Includes FREE download)

The second book in Cary David Richard’s two book series on minimalist living details how to simplify your space and gives you down to earth real world strategies for declutering your home.
After being forced by circumstances to downsize and simplify Cary David and his wife Jeannie came to realize that their new minimalist life style had some very tangible and far reaching benefits. They began to re-think their previous lives of consumerism and the habit of accumulating more and more “stuff”.

˃˃˃ The ability to simplify life is the ability to declutter your soul, be present and in the moment and live with emotinal clarity.

Through the conscious implementation of minimalist living concepts, the couple realized that living with less brought a freedom and serenity not available in their previous lives.
Never setting out to become minimalist, they embarked on a journey of simplicity and discovered what was most important to them in the process.

˃˃˃ Reading this book will re arrange how you view your possessions

Through the lessons that Cary David and Jeannie learned over the last seven years of exploring minimalism you will come away with a new understanding of the benefits of decluttering your life.
Once free of the burden of clutter and complexity new vistas will open to you. Just imagine being able to breathe again, living in a serene, nurturing, welcoming environment, free of stress and worry.