Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Nook 5/1/18

The first of May has been a long and windy day. Stirred up quite a bit of pollen. Even the dogs are sneezing. We've got some essential oils diffusing and helping us mellow out for the evening.



Essential Oils For Diffuser: 222 Essential Oils Blends For Any Occasion

Book #1: Winter Time Essential Oils: 30 Diffuser Blends with Spirit of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is a book you can use to easily identify the essential oil blends you want to diffuse into your living environment. It contains a long list of essential oil recipes, all of which have lovely, friendly scents. Once you diffuse your chosen blend into your house, everyone in the house begins to experience the loveliness of the outside with its fresh vegetation and beautiful scents. 

Book2: Essential Oils: 33 Cozy Fragrant Diffuser Blends That Make Your Home Smell Like Winter

Everyone loves winters and wait for the fall so that they can start preparing for the winter season. This book covers different diffuser blends in the form of chapters.

Book #3: Springtime Essential Oils: 33 Wonderful Diffuser Blends That Bring Spring In Your House

This book shows how you can use specific essential oils to treat allergies and other ailments, improve your environment, calm your nerves, and keep yourself energized and in always in a great mood. 

Book #4: DIY Aromatherapy: 40 Spring Essential Oil Blends for Diffuser

Another great thing about this book is that it has grouped together for you the essential oils that are compatible, thus giving you whole spring essential oil recipes. Often some people rely on trial and error methods, and while you are likely to finally find the correct match to make a good oil blend, the process can be wasteful and sometimes frustrating. That is why a guide such as this one is handy, because all you need to do is identify a recipe of your liking and proceed to prepare it. 

Book5: Summertime Essential Oils: 33 Fresh and Strong Diffuser Blends For Your Summer Mood

In the book is a wide variety of essential oils that you can use to make your own oil blends, which you can then diffuse and make your environment to feel like summer. Not only does the book concentrate on essential oils that are safe to use, it also introduces those that have health properties besides being nice smelling. So after reading the book, you will be able to prepare your own essential oil blends that have the capacity to transport you to some warm beach or some flowery land, even when you are still seated behind closed doors in winter or autumn. 

Book #6: Essential Oils: 33 Cozy Fragrant Diffuser Blends That Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

This eBook, “33 Cozy Fragrant Diffuser Blends That Make Your Home Smell Like Fall” is an awesome book for you to get started with making the fragrance for your home. If you are someone who loves to decorate the home and want to keep their house clean all the time, then you will also love the beautiful scents which you can make by yourself. They are very simple and easy to make with the right ingredients. The procedure for each recipe in this eBook is similar and for the same uses as well but the ingredients differ. The mixture which is mentioned in the eBook makes your house smell like fall before the winters approach. 

Book7: Fall Essential Oils: 20 Diffuser Essential Oil Blends and 10 DIY Strong Scented Candles

This book, Fall Essential Oils: 20 Diffuser Essential Oils Blends and 10 DIY Strong Scented Candles, is a great guide on how to create a vibrant and uplifting environment indoors, to mirror the beauty and vibrancy that pervades the outdoors during the fall season.


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