Sunday, April 29, 2018

Book Nook 4/29/18

Gypsy (my Cocker Spaniel) had a stressful walk this morning. There were other dogs in her path (being walked on leashes, too) and a fierce chocolate bully with teeth and a big mouth (a tiny Chihuahua that never stays in its own yard.) Gypsy can't hear and can barely see, but she sensed the problem ... so, on our return trip from the mailbox, she was rushing to get home and tripped/slid over one of the darn speedbumps (we live in a mobile home park and there are dozens of the darn things!) and hit her chin ... poor old girl. She did not enjoy today's walk ... :/ I'll have to find a good story to read to her tonight!


Cozy Mystery:

Sunny Side Up (A Deadline Cozy Mystery Book 1)

With her bitter divorce behind her, Eve Lloyd wants to relax and think about her next step. Paying her aunt, Mira Lloyd, a.k.a. Elizabeth Lloyd, renowned historical romance author, a long overdue visit, she plans to spend a month on Rock-Maine Island lounging around and plotting the launch of her new life. Her ex-husband, however, has other ideas. As for her aunt… she’s gone missing. And now there’s a dead body to contend with and a murder weapon with her fingerprints on it.

A mantle of suspicion hangs over Eve and everyone she encounters has a reason to want her out of the way. Unwilling to leave matters in the hands of swoon worthy Detective Jack Bradford… only because it’s her civic duty to provide a new perspective, Eve Lloyd engages the assistance of her new friend and fellow suspect, Jill Saunders. They both stumble their way through a long list of possible motives and suspects in a race to find the killer before either one turns into the next victim.


Tea Room Toxin: Missy DeMeanor Cozy Mystery 5 (Missy DeMeanor Cozy Mysteries)

In TEA ROOM TOXIN, the FIFTH series entry, Missy’s best friend Noreen realizes her dream of opening a tea room, only not with Missy (as Missy’d kind of hoped), but with her other friend, Tonya, with whom Missy has never…quite….clicked. And then someone slips a deadly toxin into the very cup of tea Missy herself handed Tonya. 

“Never quite clicked” is how Missy sees it, but the cops have other ideas—they think she had a perfect opportunity and at least two motives to murder Tonya--all except for Missy’s true love, Tyler, who knows she couldn’t be a murderer. He should—he investigated her once before (in Flea Market Fatal) and got his fingers burned. Although she’s sworn off sleuthing, there’s really no other way out, especially when she finds herself in handcuffs. So once again, Missy Demeanor, amateur detective, dons her deerstalker—and the game is on!



Essential Oil for Beginners: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide for Beginners

Essential Oil for Beginners is your ultimate one stop shop to diving in to the world of aromatherapy and essential oils. Olivia Banks takes you through the most important aspects of essential oils that all beginners need to know.

She discusses the history of essential oils, the benefits of essential oils, household uses of essential oils, safety tips for beginners, how to pick out your first set of essential oils, essential oils for energy, essential oils for anxiety, essential oils for sleep, essential oils for headaches, and so much more!



Jewelry Making: Learn To Create Fabulous Wire and Beaded Jewelry Yourself

Book 1

Wire Jewelry for Beginners

Best Guide on Creating Extraordinary Jewelry With Your Own Hands

Dear Reader,
You’re about to discover tips for Creating Extraordinary Jewelry With Your Own Hands.
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a truly inspiring jewelry artist. 

Book 2

Wire Jewelry Making:

Simple Jewelry Making for Beginners

This book tells about what beginners must learn before engaging in any jewelry wire activities. It also contains knowledge about wire jewelry making, tools, and other crucial matter that you must learn just before doing your craft. 

This user-friendly book takes the readers through the fundamentals of wire types, tools, findings, and a lot more. Then it is on to progressive, enjoyable to make projects designed to teach basic approaches and build confidence for every step of the way. We will learn on this book on a lot of stuffs such as creating wire spirals, wrapping, and coiling.

Those aspiring individuals will definitely learn, practice, and enhance their skills with a rewarding result that is the fun and joy brought by making your very own piece of wire jewelry.


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