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Book Nook 4/28/18

I can't believe how quickly time is moving on, lately. It's taking far too long to get my house ready to sell, so I can move. I'm missing the childhoods of so many little people who I wanted to be a part of my life ... they'll all be adults before I get moved! But, there is still time for stories! Enjoy!


Cozy Mystery:

Murder, Curlers, and Cream: A Valentine Beaumont Mystery (The Murder, Curlers Series Book 1)

Valentine Beaumont is a beautician with a problem. Not only has she got a meddling mother, a wacky staff, and a dying business, but now she’s got a dead client who was strangled while awaiting her facial.

With business the way it is, combing through this mystery may be the only way to save her salon. Until a second murder, an explosion, a kidnapping, death threats, and the hard-nosed Detective Romero complicate things. But Valentine will do anything to untangle the crime. That’s if she can keep her tools of the trade in her bag, keep herself alive, and avoid falling for the tough detective.

In the end, how hard can that be?



The Mystery at Belle Magnolia (Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 3)

Can a spirit from beyond be responsible for what is happening at Belle Magnolia?
As per an urgent request from an old friend, Madeline Donovan, her father, and Hugh Scott, find themselves at the auspicious mansion of Belle Magnolia, located in the heart of New Orleans.The atmosphere is enchanting, the city exciting, but the events taking place at Belle Magnolia are frightening enough to have sent most of the staff running from the residence.

Marie Laveau, a voodoo priestess, long deceased, is apparently wielding power from the grave, causing it to be put under a curse. It is now up to Madeline, and her friends to find out, who or what, is responsible for the attacks, and the threats that have been directed toward the family. Their journey will begin in the French Quarter, where all manner of people roam the streets, and where no one sleeps. The undercurrent of the city brings voodoo, drugs, and crime flourishing amidst the beautiful area. Tragedy will strike soon after they arrive, and it will take everyone in the household to hold the family together.


Quiet Road to Murder: A Promise McNeal Mystery (Promise McNeal Mysteries Book 4)

THE WEDDING VOWS DID SAY FOR BETTER OR WORSE, BUT...Somehow, amateur detective Promise McNeal didn't envision herself as a sheriff’s wife. Yet, here she is worrying about her new husband, sexy fiddler Daniel Allen, while Daniel’s out searching for a murderer. That’s usually Promise’s job!

Daniel’s temporarily stepped into the shoes of his murdered cousin, former Sheriff Mac Allen. Before it's over, of course, he's going to need her services—both investigative and psychic. He’s hell-bent to catch Mac’s murderer with the unwittingly amusing help of irascible Fletcher Enloe, one of the North Carolina characters that make this cozy series so enjoyable.

Author James ratchets up the supernatural factor when super-psychic MaMa Allen tells Promise a spirit haunting Fire Mountain is leaving the mountain to prowl among the living. Promise’s stepdaughter Susan, MaMa Allen warns, is in danger and it’s up to Promise to do something. But, as Promise sets a trap for the spirit, a frightening thunder snow moves across Perry County and the hunted becomes the hunter, exposing just how vulnerable Susan is, and how wicked a lost soul can be.


The FOURTH entry in this supernatural cozy series will raise goosebumps all around.



A Child's Garden of Verses

Originally published in 1885, A Child's Garden of Verses has served as a wonderful introduction to poetry for each new generation. Stevenson's beloved poems celebrate childhood in all its complexity and joy, from the sunny pleasures of "At the Seaside," to the imaginative musings of "Foreign Lands" to the playful, ever-popular "My Shadow." Of the many available editions, Gyo Fujikawa's is one of the sweetest and most personal. Illustrated in 1957, it was her very first book-and she evokes a simpler, more innocent time that should profoundly appeal to today's audiences. It is a gift that every child will treasure.



Full Time RV Living: How to Travel and Earn Money on the Road: (RV Guide, RV Camping)

In this incredible book you will learn some amazing tips on how to make money on the road. This book is really helpful in guiding you that how successfully you can use your skills and abilities to earn a living. If you are homeless as well as jobless then reading this book can prove very vital for you. As after reading this book you will be able to get the both things. Even if you don’t have so many degrees and certificates then still you can meet your daily expenses while going for debt free RV living. And this book will guide you in detail how it is possible. If you are tired of paying rents and bills for your home then its interval to move for debt free RV living. This book aims to provide you debt free living as well as a mobile job that is highly related to your skills. The main topics covered in this book are:

  • RV living

  • Tips on making money on the road

  • Build Recreational Vehicle Park campground in easy steps

  • And much more.



Strap on your overalls, work on your South American drawl and stick some straw between your teeth because you’re going farming. Agriculture or the interest in farming has become one of the most low-key sources of income for both small and large business owners. Why you ask? It’s because of how profitable farming is. With a straightforward investment and just enough sweat, it’2s more than considerably easy to turn just rearing animals and minding crops into your biggest job. In more than most cases, farming involves large amounts of capital which is basically the money you need to start a business but we’re dealing with chickens here and they really don’t take up that much space to be very honest. Rather than being given large amounts of land like other farm animals, chickens only need a coop for them to get comfortable and start bringing in the money. Other than this though, chickens are also one of the most usable animals in terms of how much they c an provide to the dinner table. Imagine how much you would save on feasts when all it takes is a trip to the back. So I’m going to tell you a little something. Now would you like to know how straightforward it is to have your own hatchery with a near endless amount of chickens running around waiting for your intentions to develop?

So find a patch of dirt and get comfortable as this book guides you through

  • Knowing how to raise and manage your chickens

  • Protecting your pea brained flock from predators, rain and theft with a chicken coop you’ll build with your own hands

  • Making some easy money at the farmer’s market with high quality produce from your flock

  • And much more!


Natural body scrubs are the best for your skin as they do not have any chemicals and easy to make at home. Let's see what scrub can do to your skin:
  • It removes the dead skin layer from the surface and reveals the younger cells
  • Since it is made from natural products, it is safe to use regularly
  • Most scrubs have essentials oil added to them which moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and supple
  • Scrubs can be mixed with aromatherapy oils that make you feel relaxed, energized and youthful
  • Apart from that healthy glow, scrub maintains blood circulation. The scrub is always a massage on the skin in a circular motion which encourages blood circulation
  • Scrubs are known to rejuvenate skin, but additionally, they are also responsible for reducing cellulite and making skin healthier

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